Spectroluxe Weekend- White Rabbit, Ely, West Branch

The show happened! I’ve been stalling trying to figure out how to express how meaningful the weekend of my show was for me. Being surrounded by the support of  old and new friends for the long weekend was so needed, and I feel lucky to know so many people who inspire and entertain me continually-  it feels truly fucking serendipitous and magical. After months of preparation and fear of last minute disaster I couldn’t have been more thrilled at how well everything turned out- With luck on my side, I hat-picked the first warm and sunny weekend of the year- one week earlier and we would have been dealing with hazardous snow and ice.

During the weekend I spent time on two amazing farmhouses . One was a very historical home being rented by the ever amazing Carolyn Scherf in Ely, Iowa and then a short but exciting visit to Tom’s home in West Branch, Iowa. His acoustic band , The Cedar County Cobras, played at the opening. He’s also part of another band, Porch Builder, which you should totally listen to herethey are amazing! I was thrilled to have such a great turn out on my opening night. Cortnie at White Rabbit could not possibly be a more rad or more accommodating person to host a show with. I am so happy to be making art and meeting artists and musicians in the midwest- having all this space to explore and make things is incredible and I recommend it to every artist. I’d always imagined that the alternative to urban living was just bland suburban wasteland and tract housing developments  but that’s totally not the case- turn out there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on in ye old corn country. It’s especially rad to meet people like Carolyn invested in learning and promoting things like seed saving and organic farming and knowing people who approach food production in creative ways. I like that I feel like I can really dig my roots deep and wide…

I foolishly don’t have a lot of worthy pictures of the art work actually hanging in the show, but I have some photos of the art before hand (before they were completely finished) plus some more pictures taken along the way.


IMG_2588IMG_2574WigshoppScreen shot 2014-03-27 at 3.02.28 AMScreen shot 2014-03-27 at 3.02.36 AMScreen shot 2014-03-26 at 4.03.02 AM^ Panorama vision picture from opening night at White Rabbit, taken with Jay’s sweet Nexus 7 ^Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 3.08.17 AM IMG_2637 IMG_2652  Tom and his brother from Cedar County CobrasIMG_2665Neo’s hair! Yes, Neo is her real nameIMG_2653Laura and JanIMG_2635Garrett and Carolyn

IMG_2690Pretty sure this was the oldest house I’ve ever slept in- in the attic they even have the 200+ year old ox yoke used to like, break in the land

IMG_2619These book were like, over 100 years old yo!IMG_2626I guess back in the day they used the phrase “What is this mother?” a lot, because it was on like every spread of this book..IMG_2678IMG_2682IMG_2684IMG_2612Victor!IMG_2699Jay!IMG_2716Carolyn with henna in her hair. “I really like the way this looks, just like this”. Later that night I found this doll at Tom’s place with HAIR JUST LIKE THATIMG_2724IMG_2730Laura is a magical goddess!IMG_2783IMG_2738Nigel! Everyone who meets him speaks to him with a British accent after they learn his name is Nigel which is hilarious



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