California dreamin’ (san francisco trip, part 2) ART STUFF

Part 2 of San Francisco trip..

One of the reasons that we coordinated our trip during the time we did was so that we could make it to Austin English‘s solo show “Happy Hour” at Mission Comics and Art.  Austin is one of the many cartoonists we lived with for a little while in Brooklyn at the Cartoon House (rip). Austin’s work looks like no one else’s and his dedication to honing his incredibly unique vision is super inspiring. He is also one of the sweetest people I know. On top of all that, he runs the incredible Domino Books all by himself on a shoestring budget which is nuts! Everything put out by Domino is really unique and great (I’ve been particularly obsessed with ultra creepy Spider’s Pee Paw and The Secret of The Saucer by Ben Mendelewicz and Char Esme et al). Buy some now! Here are some photos from the show:

IMG_2523IMG_2524I really, really want this one above my couch ^

IMG_2529 IMG_2525IMG_2523 IMG_2531 IMG_2545The whole gang: Austin English, me, Victor Cayro/Bald Eagles, and (our hosts) Logan Kroeber, Meesh McNeil!

Another place we were able to visit during our stay was the Creativity Explored Annual Holiday Art Sale.


The amount of amazing and affordable art was almost overwhelming…I surely would’ve bought more if I didn’t have a suitcase to fit everything into. it was so hard to decide what to buy but I finally settled on a huge butterfly piece by Nubia Ortega. I can’t wait to have it framed to hang it in our bedroom. I snagged a couple great examples of her work from their website:

Nubia Nubia2so awesome, right? That’s it for now….



  1. UTBK said:

    Thank you Bianca! You can still use code Marlena FOR 30% off everything…!!


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