Gettin’ my nest on

Slowly starting to look like home…

I’ve always wanted to be able to go all out with personalizing my space and never really had the right place to do it– too many roommates, or crappy apartment that wasn’t worth spending any money on. Obvs this place is still a rental so I can’t be so crazy, but interior-decorating wise it has such good bones and can actually allow all the stuff I’ve collected to finally be displayed properly. Plus the large basement allows us to, you know, actually store things, and I can use it to do larger, messier projects, like making my furniture look awesome .

I can’t say that my desire to nest hasn’t been enhanced by sites like Pinterest, decor8, and Design*Sponge, but for me wanting a great space has been a fantasy since I was a kid. Growing up, home was frustrating for me because of all the uninspiring clutter, to the extent that I could not use my shelves and closets, and most surfaces meant to be used for eating or entertainment were just filled with junk. So I might have a bit of an obsession with utilizing all available space. I also see living spaces as an extension of self and an amazing avenue for creative expression.

I’m not really into overly perfect home interiors -homes that look so pristine that there’s no sign of living actually having occurred in them. It triggers some weird OCD shit for me. I prefer the lived-in look, it’s much more relaxing. Bring on the rough edges, mismatched paint, the clash of things new and out of date, things that tell a story. It’s really inspiring to see amazing homes that are not only filled with amazing things, but are incredibly personal and lived in and cluttered.

Natalie Gibsons home is a prime example of joyful clutter. I first became a fan of her 1960s textile prints, and then saw her interview on stylelikeu….

Another person who has inspired me over the few years I’ve known of his existence is Butch Anthony,  folk artist/builder extraordinaire. He makes super rad art of out natural and salvaged materials and run his own tiny Museum of Wonder (which is a real place not just an etsy shop) , built his own (gorgeous!) home out of recycled materials over the course of decades, and started a outsider folk art festival called the Doo Nanny, which looks totally fucking amazing. I also read that he’s shacking up with the equally awe-inspiring Chanin of Alabama Chanin. Day-um talk about art power couple!

Butch Anthony’s Museum of Wonder from Etsy on Vimeo.

Justina Blakeney’s  bold and beautiful Jungalow is getting a lot of attention right now thanks to her Etsy featureI have serious house envy. My favorite part is her kitchen- live plants are such a good idea and the bold green trim is both calming and energizing.

And last but not least, the art-home that triggered me to actually make this post. I had not been familiar with Jared Handelsman and Portia Munson before stumbling upon this article in the New York Times but their home is undeniably super fucking balls-out rad and truly is a work of art.

Clutter can be beautiful when all the things you’re cluttering with are beautiful! Also I just realized I have a thing for dressers….

The walls are covered in prints! Of her art! wallpapered onto the wall! I’ve wanted to do this forever..Also the fuzzy blue fur seat is dreamy.

Here they covered their bathroom in birch bark. Looks so amazing.

Since this post already has a millon pictures, I might as well include some more. I finally got around to scanning my Plant Mother piece this weekend, at least partially. I am so happy with this piece and it feels like a milestone for me.

This one is not titled yet, still a work in progress obviously!

  1. I love your blog so much. This post is awesome because it’s totally my decorating aesthetic.

    • UTBK said:

      aw shucks, I love YOUR blog so much hazel! thanks. Thats so funny that you just posted so many chairlift videos, I recently became obsessed with he amanaemonesia video. also, weird life tidbit coming up here, one time I worked in a failing food truck in brooklyn owned by a guy who rented studio space to them, and i got to serve them pomme frites a bunch of times! yay life!

  2. marik0 said:

    Oh wow, such lively homes. Very inspiring, and definitely similar to what I dream about.

    This post makes me really look forward to the day I have the luxury of collecting things again. I feel like I’m constantly downsizing to make way for some new move that I have to make, and there’s no telling when I will have a permanent home next.

    When I’m visiting my family I always get sucked into this show “American Pickers”- it’s two antique pickers that drive around the country looking to buy old goodies for their shop… in case you’re unfamiliar. Butch Anthony was just on the episode I watched most recently, and all the while I was thinking THIS MAN IS SPECTACULAR! I think that was my favorite yet, actually.

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