Screen shot 2014-05-18 at 10.29.12 PM grassjelly grassjelly2 Whiterabbitshirt grassteeThis post is looong overdue (I have a lot of catching up here) but thought I’d talk about them anyway. I had two t-shirt designs hand-printed by Cortnie at White Rabbit in Iowa City a little while ago. They are available at her store or in my web shopfor $18 each!

I also have a bunch of new necklaces available! I am currently perfecting all of the packaging on those, so stay tuned for the final masterpieces (jk) soon!


xoxo Becca

The show happened! I’ve been stalling trying to figure out how to express how meaningful the weekend of my show was for me. Being surrounded by the support of  old and new friends for the long weekend was so needed, and I feel lucky to know so many people who inspire and entertain me continually-  it feels truly fucking serendipitous and magical. After months of preparation and fear of last minute disaster I couldn’t have been more thrilled at how well everything turned out- With luck on my side, I hat-picked the first warm and sunny weekend of the year- one week earlier and we would have been dealing with hazardous snow and ice.

During the weekend I spent time on two amazing farmhouses . One was a very historical home being rented by the ever amazing Carolyn Scherf in Ely, Iowa and then a short but exciting visit to Tom’s home in West Branch, Iowa. His acoustic band , The Cedar County Cobras, played at the opening. He’s also part of another band, Porch Builder, which you should totally listen to herethey are amazing! I was thrilled to have such a great turn out on my opening night. Cortnie at White Rabbit could not possibly be a more rad or more accommodating person to host a show with. I am so happy to be making art and meeting artists and musicians in the midwest- having all this space to explore and make things is incredible and I recommend it to every artist. I’d always imagined that the alternative to urban living was just bland suburban wasteland and tract housing developments  but that’s totally not the case- turn out there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on in ye old corn country. It’s especially rad to meet people like Carolyn invested in learning and promoting things like seed saving and organic farming and knowing people who approach food production in creative ways. I like that I feel like I can really dig my roots deep and wide…

I foolishly don’t have a lot of worthy pictures of the art work actually hanging in the show, but I have some photos of the art before hand (before they were completely finished) plus some more pictures taken along the way.


IMG_2588IMG_2574WigshoppScreen shot 2014-03-27 at 3.02.28 AMScreen shot 2014-03-27 at 3.02.36 AMScreen shot 2014-03-26 at 4.03.02 AM^ Panorama vision picture from opening night at White Rabbit, taken with Jay’s sweet Nexus 7 ^Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 3.08.17 AM IMG_2637 IMG_2652  Tom and his brother from Cedar County CobrasIMG_2665Neo’s hair! Yes, Neo is her real nameIMG_2653Laura and JanIMG_2635Garrett and Carolyn

IMG_2690Pretty sure this was the oldest house I’ve ever slept in- in the attic they even have the 200+ year old ox yoke used to like, break in the land

IMG_2619These book were like, over 100 years old yo!IMG_2626I guess back in the day they used the phrase “What is this mother?” a lot, because it was on like every spread of this book..IMG_2678IMG_2682IMG_2684IMG_2612Victor!IMG_2699Jay!IMG_2716Carolyn with henna in her hair. “I really like the way this looks, just like this”. Later that night I found this doll at Tom’s place with HAIR JUST LIKE THATIMG_2724IMG_2730Laura is a magical goddess!IMG_2783IMG_2738Nigel! Everyone who meets him speaks to him with a British accent after they learn his name is Nigel which is hilarious



Part 2 of San Francisco trip..

One of the reasons that we coordinated our trip during the time we did was so that we could make it to Austin English‘s solo show “Happy Hour” at Mission Comics and Art.  Austin is one of the many cartoonists we lived with for a little while in Brooklyn at the Cartoon House (rip). Austin’s work looks like no one else’s and his dedication to honing his incredibly unique vision is super inspiring. He is also one of the sweetest people I know. On top of all that, he runs the incredible Domino Books all by himself on a shoestring budget which is nuts! Everything put out by Domino is really unique and great (I’ve been particularly obsessed with ultra creepy Spider’s Pee Paw and The Secret of The Saucer by Ben Mendelewicz and Char Esme et al). Buy some now! Here are some photos from the show:

IMG_2523IMG_2524I really, really want this one above my couch ^

IMG_2529 IMG_2525IMG_2523 IMG_2531 IMG_2545The whole gang: Austin English, me, Victor Cayro/Bald Eagles, and (our hosts) Logan Kroeber, Meesh McNeil!

Another place we were able to visit during our stay was the Creativity Explored Annual Holiday Art Sale.


The amount of amazing and affordable art was almost overwhelming…I surely would’ve bought more if I didn’t have a suitcase to fit everything into. it was so hard to decide what to buy but I finally settled on a huge butterfly piece by Nubia Ortega. I can’t wait to have it framed to hang it in our bedroom. I snagged a couple great examples of her work from their website:

Nubia Nubia2so awesome, right? That’s it for now….



I just recently returned from a trip to San Francisco with my boyfriend to visit dear friends and thought I’d share some of the things I enjoyed while I was there. I’ve been thinking a lot about how deeply obsessed I am with cool iconography, packaging, signage and ephemera. Of course, SF is filled with tons of all of those things so it was really glorious for me! I kind of wish I went crazier taking pictures of cool signs and things, ( sometimes I feel weird being so preoccupied by something when I’m with a group of people) but I did manage take some pics. We were able to explore the Mission district, Japantown (omg…shopping at Daiso!..insane) and Chinatown.

IMG_2506IMG_2505 IMG_2508I have no idea of the lavender tint on the poster was intentionally done to match the wall, but it looked really rad.


IMG_2512When we were walking around China town all of a sudden I saw this stack of crazy awesome art work being wheeled towards me! The woman was very sweet and shy and kept saying that she did not speak English. All of her posters were dog-eared and looked like they had been there for ages, and when we asked her if she was selling them she said no. Kind of awed that she just wanted to show them off and was not looking to sell them (at least not to us). I would love to have been able to communicate with her and hear her story.

IMG_2513 IMG_2514 IMG_2515 IMG_2516

More China town…



Another thing that was really glorious was the ubiquity of bubble tea shops. My love for bubble tea will never wane. There’s nothing like the satisfying chew of the glutinous bubbles suspended in deliciously flavored sweetened milky liquid. Since I’ve been back home I’ve already purchased some Japanese teas online that I cannot find in my town.  I am newly REALLY obsessed with barley tea  (it smells pleasantly like burned rice and tastes like rice and nuts) and this powdered, creamy black sesame tea which would be perfect with tapioca bubbles. This honey crystal ginger tea is also great- it’s so much spicier and gingery than any other ginger tea I’ve ever tried. There are so many other crazy teas I want to try, like Black Walnut Sesame, Sweet Pumpkin and Yam, Corn Silk, and Jujube tea…


Another amazing store we went to was FILLED TO THE BRIM with all kinds of amazingly beautiful and colorful paper goods. My friend was pretty sure they are all effigies meant for burning to honor the dead. They had tons of paper replicas of houses, cars, cigarettes, beer cans, makeup, cell phones, etc. I wish I had taken pictures of those…they were really really cool. I did purchase some more decorative paper goods that I scanned here:


backside099 blackwhite096 heads095 lotusgold094 lotusmuch098 red097

Okay…that’s it for part one of my trip…go to part two here

I feel like it’s taken me forever to get these babies ready to sell,  but I hope at least a few people will want to snatch them up for the new year. I truly do hate to complain, but, having a full time job and a tight budget really does make it so difficult to get things done in a timely manner! Arghh…I really hope the new year brings some change in that department.

I currently have two designs going



Both calendars are available here! 


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